Hey there! I’m Greta.

I’m a yogi marketing consultant that will take your fitness studio to the next level by showing you how to increase revenue while keeping the passion that started your business in the first place. I provide one-on-one consulting services, and customized packages built to help you put your marketing dollars to good use.

In my free time you can find me teaching yoga, reading self-help books and cooking up something healthy and delicious.

Let’s meet + make your studio a hero at www.gretaertl.com

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  • 3 Tips To Help You Hire Your First Employee

    I used to single-handedly run my business. At the time, this made perfect sense. The work I was doing could easily be managed on my own. As I acquired more clients, I created a lot more work for myself. The growth was exciting, but eventually it got to be too much. Along with working a … Continue reading 3 Tips To Help You Hire Your First Employee

    January 18
  • Why I turned on my ‘Read Receipts’

    A few years back, I got my first iPhone. I was so excited to explore all the cool stuff I could do with this new piece of technology. One of the first things I did, however, was turn off my ‘Read Receipts.’ I’m not exactly sure why this was such a priority, but I think … Continue reading Why I turned on my ‘Read Receipts’

    January 14
  • If You Hate Selling Yourself Read This

    In my business, I have the privilege of working with extremely inspiring people. They’re artists, healers and teachers. Collectively, their intention is to make the world a better place. These incredible folks are also small business owners. Naturally, they need to make money to keep their doors open and put food on the table. Therefore, … Continue reading If You Hate Selling Yourself Read This

    January 9
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