Hey there! I’m Greta.

I’m a yogi marketing consultant that will take your fitness studio to the next level by showing you how to increase revenue while keeping the passion that started your business in the first place. I provide one-on-one consulting services, and customized packages built to help you put your marketing dollars to good use.

In my free time you can find me teaching yoga, reading self-help books and cooking up something healthy and delicious.

Let’s meet + make your studio a hero at

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  • You Have 2 Choices When You Face Adversity 

    I’m going through another breakup. Lucky me. It wasn’t my choice. Rather, it needed to happen. I’m chalking it up to the good ol’ Universe’s brilliant, master plan for a life more amazing than I can possibly even imagine right now. When tough stuff comes up, you really only have 2 choices: Play the blame … Continue reading You Have 2 Choices When You Face Adversity 

    December 1
  • The opposite of gratitude

    You wake up. You stumble to the bathroom to brush your teeth. You look in the mirror and… POW! A huge, juicy pimple. Front and center of your forehead. Oh, and one popped up in the middle of your nose, too. You’re mortified. Annoyed. And, well, pissed off. So what do you do? You pick … Continue reading The opposite of gratitude

    November 24
  • Are You Creating What You Want Or The Opposite?

    I was frustrated with a situation at work the other day. A customer was being demanding and disrespectful. In response, I shared with anyone who’d listen that, “I wish my customers weren’t so rude. Why can’t people just be nice?” Shortly thereafter, I had a really inspiring conversation with my yoga teacher, Danielle. She encouraged … Continue reading Are You Creating What You Want Or The Opposite?

    November 18
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