3 Ways to Stop Taking Things So Personally

by Greta Ertl
November 11, 2022

If you’re reading this, I know you’re highly sensitive, just like me. Because you’re super aware of other people’s energy, it’s easy to take things personally. Even if someone’s words or actions had nothing to do with you, you can feel their negative vibration and it can impact how you react. 

I used to take things SO personally.  I was constantly on the defense and getting offended by anything that rubbed me the wrong way. Back in those days I wasted A LOT of energy on situations I can’t even remember because they didn’t actually matter. 

Today, I’m much less reactive. Though I’m always a work in progress, I’ve gotten a lot better at staying calm and centered when things bother me. The 3 tips below have helped tremendously in not taking things so personally:

3 Ways to Stop Taking Things So Personally

1.) Take responsibility for your feelings. No one can actually force you to feel a certain way. It doesn’t mean your feelings aren’t valid or it doesn’t hurt. Rather, you acknowledge that on some level you are choosing to take it personally in the first place. This gets you out of a victim mindset and into empowerment.

2.) See the bigger picture. If it won’t matter in 5 days or 5 years, let it go. Getting offended is an energy suck for you. Shake it off and choose to move on as quickly as possible.

3.) Strengthen your aura. Adopt a meditation, mantra & movement practice (like kundalini yoga). This gives you a shield of energetic protection from people trying to mess with you.


Remember: Taking things personally wastes time and energy. Practice stepping into your higher consciousness. You’l notice you enjoy life a lot more when you’re not so offended by things you can’t control.