About Greta

Leo Sun / Leo Rising / Capricorn Moon | 3/5 Emotional Projector

I help spiritually curious women get unstuck and improve their emotional wellness using kundalini yoga + human design so you have better intimate relationships + make more money.

Five years ago I was unrecognizable. Sure, I may have looked similar on the outside. But I was a completely different person than I am now. 

I was working in an outside sales role covering 21 states in the middle of the country, driving around like a madwoman trying to keep up with the demands of the job. My adrenals were totally shot from all the stress, travel and poor self-care.

I was single, living with my brother and very lonely. I spent a lot of time with my friends but I always felt empty. There was a feeling of disconnection with myself and my purpose.

To fill the void, I took ADHD medication that I didn’t really need, drank most nights and smoked weed to come down from the stimulants. To sleep, I took another pill that left me feeling so cloudy the next day I needed more uppers to get going.

I barely ate, my sleep was terrible, the job I was in did not suit me, I was dating men who did not value me at all, and deep down, I was disappointed in who I was becoming. My mood and emotions were all over the board. I was snappy, unhappy and unfulfilled. A voice inside was saying, “You’re on the wrong path. This isn’t who you really are. It’s time to make a change.” 

I ignored that voice until I couldn’t. I saw into the future and I was actually afraid of what I saw. I was dependent on substances to feel normal and and that wasn’t going to slow down unless I made some serious changes.

So I set an intention to quit the pills and greatly reduce my alcohol consumption. I wanted clarity and a sense of purpose. I prayed for help and guidance. I began reading a lot of self-help books, experimenting with different meditations, going to therapy, taking high quality supplements and going out a lot less.

One day I turned on a kundalini yoga DVD I had done back when I was 16. Only a few minutes into the practice, a huge wave of energy went through me. I felt ALIVE. Connected. WHOLE. It was a feeling I hadn’t experienced for many years. I plugged back into my true self and it felt amazing. And REAL. I was actually high on my own energy and I want to feel that feeling as much as possible…

From that day forward, I tuned into the kundalini frequency almost daily. Bit by bit, the bad habits fell away. I attracted my now husband . We moved in together. We traveled to LA and I got certified to teach kundalini. At that point, we were practicing every morning and adding more and more meditations every week. My frequency completely shifted but it wasn’t always easy…

Even throughout this journey and even though I had a super supportive partner, I felt alone on my path. The spiritual path can be very lonely at times. I didn’t know a lot of other women doing what I was doing. I didn’t share my struggles with a lot of people. So it took me longer than I would’ve liked to let go of the bad habits and excel. I wish I would’ve had the version of myself I am now to help guide me through the dark days of transitioning into a more elevated human.

That’s exactly why I do what I do now: help spiritually curious women get unstuck with kundalini yoga, human design and 1:1 coaching. I am extremely passionate about guiding you into the most authentic version of yourself. My job is to guide you, support you, hold you accountable, cheer you on and reflect your progress back to you. This kind of support is what helps you advance SO MUCH faster than you would alone.

Whether you’re struggling with a toxic relationship, frustrated with how you react emotionally, want to feel connected to your purpose, or need someone to hold you accountable as you develop healthy habits… I am your girl! The transformation I’m seeing in each and every one of my clients is remarkable. And I want that for you, too. This program works 100% of the time as long as you show up use your tools.

You are worth this investment. You deserve this support. You are ready for the transformation.

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