About Greta

Leo Sun / Leo Rising / Capricorn Moon | 3/5 Emotional Projector

I work with artists, therapists, skincare professionals, acupuncturists, and other healers on how to successfully market and sell their products and services.

Just like you, I was once searching in all the wrong places to find a sense of peace, love and connection. I looked for it in drugs, alcohol and toxic relationships. What I thought was self-care was actually escapism. I was desperate to feel good about myself and find my true purpose.

After leaving the corporate world for good in 2019, I reconnected with the spiritual practice of kundalini yoga that I’d originally experienced at age 16. After only a few sessions, I witnessed an incredible transformation in my body, mind and spirit. Within months, I booked a trip to LA to get certified to teach with Guru Jagat and the RAMA team.

Today, I am a spiritual mentor who infuses the great yogic teachings of kundalini yoga, human design and mindset coaching into my 1:1 sessions, group programs and retreats. As a lifelong experimenter, I’ve tried all the self-care and self-development tools so you don’t have to.

In our work together we explore any themes you’re working through. Nothing is off limits. From relationships to career changes, mental health issues and finding your purpose, I am here to guide you into the next best version of yourself. I am here to listen, show you the light within yourself and give you practical tools for shifting your energy on a daily basis.

I believe self-improvement is about self-awareness. It’s not that you need to become somebody totally different. Our work is about uncovering who you’ve been all along. My goal is to get you reconnected with your most authentic self and fulfilling path. Through spiritual development, everything in your life becomes a meaningful meditation. That is the life experience you deserve.

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