Create Your Daily Kundalini Yoga Practice

Unlock Inner Peace, Embrace Ease, and Attract Abundance

Embark on a transformative journey with lifetime access to this self-paced online course.

Reignite your spirit and manifest your highest destiny.

Are you sick of feeling down and disconnected from your spirit? Do you find yourself stressed and depleted more often than not? We live in a fast-paced and high pressure world that isn’t slowing down.

You have more responsibility than ever before. Your soul is craving some relief from the madness. Kundalini Yoga is the spiritual technology of the future.

This ancient practice strengthens your nervous system, keeps you healthy and youthful, increases your focus and creativity, reconnects you to your purpose and makes you feel energized and ALIVE.

Experience the profound healing power of Kundalini Yoga in this comprehensive, self-paced online course. It teaches you everything you need to know to establish and sustain a daily practice that creates more peace, ease and abundance in your life.

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My Story + Why I Made This
How to Get the Most Out of This Course

Why A Kundalini Yoga Practice Is Important In Today's World

The Age of Aquarius
The Importance of a Daily Spiritual Practice
Who You Really Are
What Kundalini Yoga Gives you

The History of Kundalini Yoga + How it Works

The History of Kundalini Yoga
Kundalini Yoga as a Spiritual Science
Kundalini Energy: What it is & How it Feels
Body Locks

Build Your Connection to Kundalini Yoga

The Lineage of Kundalini Yoga
Tuning In
Guru Ram Das for Support & Miracles

How to Use Kundalini Yoga to Break Old Patterns & Get Unstuck

Understanding the subconscious mind from a yogic perspective – how it impacts you
Fate vs. Destiny
The Releasing Process

How to Feel Peace Within Yourself

What is Your Aura?
Why Kundalini Yogis Wear White

How to Build & Customize Your Daily Practice

Required Components for a Safe & Successful Practice
What to Wear
How to Decide What to Do
How & When to Switch It Up
The Power of a Teacher

The Power of Mantras

What Are Mantras?
Essential Kundalini Yoga Mantras
The Protection Mantra
Lakshman Prosperity Mantra for Increased Wealth
Ang Sang Wahe Guru to Release Negative Thoughts
Mul Mantra to Clear Karmas & Increase Your Prosperity
Continuing Your Mantra Study & Practice

The Power of Breath

What Is Pranayama?
Long Deep Breathing for Peace & Relaxation
Breath of Fire for Energy & Cleansing
Sitali Pranayama to Cool Down + Improve Digestion
Continuing Your Breathwork Study + Practice

The Power of Meditation

What is Kundalini Meditation + How it’s Unique
Why You Get Distracted During Meditation
The 3 Aspects of the Mind
Ego Eradicator for Increased Energy + Mental Clarity
Addiction Meditation to Quit Bad Habits + Release Negative Thought Patterns
Fists of Anger for Managing Emotions + Alchemizing Anger
Meditation to Overcome Self-Animosity + Stop Self-Sabotage
Tattva Balance for Stress Relief + Ease
Har Meditation for Prosperity + Opportunities
Sat Kriya for Digestion + Sexual Health
Magnificent Mantra for Prosperity + Health
Kirtan Kriya for Focus + Improved Memory
Gyan Chakra Kriya Sustained Wealth
How to Continue to Expand Your Meditation Practice

The Power of Movement

The Purpose of Physical Yoga
What are Kriyas?
Cat Cow for Radiance + Longevity
Sarbang Dandes for Strength + Vitality + Manifestation
Windmills for Balance + Flexibility
Frogs to Get Unstuck + Balance Your Hormones
How to Expand Your Physical Yoga Practice + Favorite Kiryas

Daily practice video

Essential Daily Practice Video

How to Stay Consistent with Your Practice

How to be Consistent
Stages on the Spiritual Path
What to do When You Don’t Feel Like Practicing
Creating Your Non-Negotiables


  • How to Make Time For Your Daily Spiritual Practice
  • How to Set Up Your Sacred Space
  • Chakra Training: Understanding Your Blocks & How to Release Them
  • How to Start Teaching Kundalini Yoga
  • Free access to any and all new lessons!
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Do you resonate with any of the following?

  • You feel overwhelmed by the relentless pace of life, yearning to rediscover the magic in each moment.
  • You are wrestling with mounting stress levels, recognizing its toll on your health and well-being.
  • You are longing for a deeper connection to your inner self and the world around you.
  • You know that a meditation and yoga regimen could benefit you, yet feeling uncertain about where to start or how to maintain consistency.
  • You are struggling to reclaim your vitality, focus, and sense of purpose.
  • You are a coach, therapist or in a leadership role and you want to share a new healing modality with your clients and/or team.
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Greta Ertl, Spiritual Mentor in Minneapolis, Minnesota - sits comfortably in a chair
Hi, I’m Greta Ertl! As your dedicated Kundalini Yoga Teacher, I stand ready to guide you through the most transformative and empowering practice known to humanity. Much like you, I once grappled with feelings of disconnection, aimlessness, and emptiness. Seeking solace, I turned to unhealthy coping mechanisms, only to find my salvation in Kundalini Yoga.

This sacred practice breathed new life into my existence, liberating me from destructive patterns and leading me to discover my true calling and the love of my life. It’s a journey I’ve witnessed unfold for countless individuals I’ve had the privilege of mentoring.

Through the daily ritual of Kundalini Yoga, you’ll effortlessly shed the layers of doubt and negativity, revealing the radiant, divine being that you were destined to become.

They say that when the student is ready, the master appears. The universe has brought you to this moment. Embrace the call of your soul.


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“Greta is an amazing Kundalini Yoga teacher, and she really embodies what it means to bring this ancient practice into the modern world."
She brings insight, purpose, and a wonderfully grounded positive energy to every class and workshop she teaches. And she’s very encouraging and yet tough! In the tradition of the best coaches, she will get you to a higher standard of achievement than you thought you could do with a mixture of belief, example, and friendly exhortation!”
-Russ G.
“I'm deeply grateful for Greta introducing Kundalini into my life. She makes the practice so accessible & relatable at any level."
Her teaching style is a balance of spiritual teachings backed with science. If you’re eager to find a grounding force… this is it.”
-Rosie J.
“Greta is incredibly knowledgeable and grounded. Her kundalini classes allowed me to meditate in a way I never had before!"
She guides in such a special way.”
-Betsy A.
“Greta is an amazing spiritual teacher and guide. Her Kundalini teachings are incredibly powerful..."
… and always leave me feeling elevated, empowered and better prepared to step into the world.”
-Danielle B
“Greta is truly the best!! She has guided me through so much since the second I started working with her."
She makes Kundalini easy to add into your daily life which I believe everyone could use.”
-Sammi B.
“Greta can help teach and guide you through an amazing kundalini experience and is so intuitive of what you are specifically needing to get from the practice that day."
I feel so comfortable, calm and inspired when I am with her. Thank you Greta I am forever grateful I use it every day.”
-Courtney T.
“Greta has a way about her that is so inspiring. She is positive and realistic at the same time."
I always feel better after completing one of her classes/courses!”
-Liz V.
“Greta’s teaching style makes you feel like you can show up as yourself. Greta leads in a way that encourages while recognizing that we all show up a little different every day."
Her classes are a great workout- mentally, physically, and emotionally – while adding all the spiritual spice. Plus the playlists always rock!”
-Kimberly V
“I’ve attended many of Greta’s classes, workshops, and retreats and I must say I always leave feeling empowered, realigned, and uplifted!"
Greta is amazing at teaching you practical tools in a way that makes you feel like you can easily incorporate them into your busy life! Greta’s teachings and kundalini have truly transformed my mindset and energy and they are something I believe everyone can highly benefit from learning!”
-Dana S.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this just a learning course or are there videos I can practice with?
It’s both! You will gain a comprehensive understanding of Kundalini Yoga. It also has several videos you can tune into for a regular practice. You’ll have the ability to practice with me or create your own with the materials provided.
Do I need any equipment?
You need some sort of yoga mat or sheepskin to practice on. A pillow or meditation cushion is also recommended for comfort.
How long does it take to see a result from Kundalini Yoga?
You’ll feel an energetic impact from this practice within seconds. The results compound as you continue the practice over time.
How much time do I need to dedicate to this course to get the most out of it?
You can study this course at your own pace. You have lifetime access to all the modules immediately upon purchasing. I recommend dedicating at least 5 minutes to your daily practice to experience the healing benefits of kundalini yoga.
Is this refundable?
This course is non-refundable.