New Moon in Libra: FREE Virtual Intention Setting + Meditation Class

In this free virtual class, you'll understand the meaning of this new moon, write out some intentions relating to the theme and experience a kundalini meditation to lock it in. Connect with like minded souls who are also on a path of spiritual growth and healing. Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 406 633 2283

Release Stress & Feel Better w/ Kundalini Yoga + Acupuncture & Gong Bath with Greta Ertl & Meghan Berg

A-Mill Artist Lofts Dance Studio

Make time for self-care and allow space to destress amidst the busy holiday season. In this 3-hour workshop, you’ll learn holistic techniques for reducing anxiety, increasing your energy, and feeling better in your body. Experience a powerful kundalini practice designed to reset your nervous system followed by a healing acupuncture treatment during a soothing and […]


Relax Your Nervous System & Raise Your Voltage: Fascial Maneuvers + Kundalini Yoga & Gong Bath with Greta Ertl & Courageously Courtney

A-Mill Artist Lofts Dance Studio

You’re invited to get out of stress and into a higher vibration during this unique 3-hour experience. During this 2-part class, Courtney will guide you through fascial maneuvers, a movement practice combined with breath designed to unwind the fascia in the body. The benefits include increase in blood/lymph flow, downshift to parasympathetic (rest/digest/heal), liberation from […]


Activate Your Highest Timeline: Winter Solstice Kundalini Yoga + Gong Bath

A-Mill Artist Lofts Dance Studio

The Winter Solstice is one of the most powerful days of the year for activating your highest destiny with yoga and meditation. The flare of the sun and earth’s electromagnetic field generate a pranic energy that’s only available during the solstices. This energy influences the human psyche and creates an opportunity to dive into a […]


Candlelight Kundalini Yoga + Gong Bath Experience with Greta Ertl @ Bespoke

Bespoke Hair Artisans | Edina, MN

Experience a peaceful and restorative evening of kundalini yoga, breathwork, meditation and a gong bath while surrounded by candles in a beautiful space. Greta Ertl will guide you through a practice to help you release stress and energetic blockages. You’ll leave class feeling more connected to yourself, calm and present.Schedule Appointment