So You’re On The Spiritual Path

by Greta Ertl
August 14, 2022

You decided to take responsibility for your life and create something awesome with it. Growth is a non-negotiable and you’re ALL IN for making your mission a meaningful one. 

Spiritual growth is WONDERFUL. It’s a never ending ride that can always take you higher.  It means you get access to infinite intelligence, the divine plan and supernatural abilities. There are no limitations to how far your spirit can soar.

As brilliant as this journey may be, it’s also full of surprises and challenges. It is NOT for the faint of heart. Once you know how important it is to raise your frequency and choose your thoughts carefully, you can’t go back to sleep. 

My experience of spiritual growth has been one of extreme highs and intense lows. Just when I thought I had it all figured out, and things were going BLISSFULLY, I was slapped with a lesson I didn’t know I needed. My evolution has been accelerated because of my commitment to things like kundalini and human design. And it’s caused a lot of turmoil in my mind as my identity changes so fast and frequently. 

I think it’s important to acknowledge the good, the bad and the ugly as ultimately one in the same. They’re all necessary parts of the same journey that is ultimately guiding you towards a life of fulfillment. Living an empowered existence is incredible and it’s also hard. I believe it’s often enjoyable BECAUSE it is challenging. 

Remember: You’re not on this path alone. Many, many, many people are waking up to their spiritual selves. More and more I hear of things like astrology and meditation coming into main stream conversations. The world is waking up (slowly but surely) and becoming more sensitive. The fact that you woke up first means you’re here to trail blaze and lead. 

To make your spiritual growth easier, I recommend these things:

  • Don’t forget you’re human. Be easy on yourself. It’s okay to have hard days and strong emotions. Know that underneath it all, you’re always growing and being guided. 
  • Enjoy the journey! When you’re on a path of self-improvement it’s easy to take yourself too seriously and lose the joy. Celebrate your little wins and have fun with the process. 
  • Hire a mentor or find a community. I’ve worked with numerous coaches and joined multiple groups to support me on this path. I wouldn’t be where I am without their guidance. 


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