Sunday Smile Club

Meditate and set intentions with your spiritual community to create a calm, clear & energized week ahead.

A Virtual Experience of Meditation and Mindset

  • Are you sick of feeling anxious every Sunday night going into the work week?
  • Do you desire feeling peaceful, energized and positive Monday through Friday?
  • Want to connect with a spiritual community that feeds your soul?
  • Do you love meditating and living intentionally?
I remember when I used to live for the weekend. Back in my cubicle days, I truly dreaded the work week. Friday could never come soon enough. Even when I was enjoying time off, the idea of Monday loomed in the back of my mind. 

Today, I realize this is NO way to live. How devastating that so many of us are only happy & excited about 2-3 days out of the week? That adds up to less than half your lifetime. Living for the weekend is not healthy or sustainable. It’s contributing to a mental health crisis.

I created a virtual experience for those who want to live peacefully, joyfully and intentionally every day of the week.

Sunday Smile Club is here to defeat the Sunday Scaries once and for all. We meet on Zoom every Sunday at 6pm CST for 30 minutes or less.

You can expect a short talk on mindset and spirituality followed by a meditation. We always end with journaling and setting intentions for the week.

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greta tall 15

“I’m so grateful for the Sunday Smile Club! Ut;s my favorite way to gently transition my energy from the weekend to a new week ahead with a sense of intention… the 30 minutes with Greta & the Sunday Smile Club community always leaves me feeling clear, calm, & energized.

As a person with an over active mind who runs anxious, this little practice & tools I’ve learned have been huge for my mental health. It’s so easy to drop in virtually Sunday nights or if I have plans i’ll watch the recording first thing Monday morning. Only smiles for Sunday Smile Club!!! :)”

- Rosie J.