Committing to the Happy Habits program and working with Greta truly was a magical life changing experience. When I started the program I was dealing with an immeasurable amount of grief after losing my mom that was overtaking my life. Greta helped me recognize and work through my grief by intuitively teaching me skills and meditations that she specifically thought would help me based on what my goals and intentions were.

Throughout Happy Habits I was able to develop a spiritual practice that I do daily. This practice resonates with my soul and has expanded my awareness while strengthening my aura. In the past three months I have learned so many amazing kundalini meditations, chants, postures, movements, and insightful perspectives of the way I perceive my life and my own reality.

Greta became my mentor and guide while sharing her kundalini teachings and practices. Not only did she open my mind and heart to the beautiful kundalini, she also taught me about emotional freedom tapping and human design. I have completely fallen in love with these tools, practices, and new found knowledge and will continue to expand on them for the rest of my life.

The shift that I gained by completing the program has attracted new clients into my business, given me a more abundant and positive mindset, and has helped me look at my problems with a more open hearted, compassionate, and lighter lens.

After going through traumatic experiences and loss, Happy Habits has taught me how to honor those experiences and my grief. It has given me a sense of trust in knowing that I have all the tools and power within myself to survive them. Throughout these three months I have felt myself step back into my own power and awaken to my own unique gifts. I have learned to trust my own intuition, and how to practice the tools I have built within my highest self that are guiding to achieve my soul’s purpose.

Most importantly, I have learned and developed a spiritual practice that has given me the space to explore my truest self and makes me feel confident in the path that I am on. I don’t have enough words to describe the sense of gratitude that I have for meeting and working with someone like Greta, and for being able to experience her beautiful, intuitive, and powerful energy field as she guided me through this program.

I have learned to look at my life through an experimental lens and was blessed to have witnessed within myself the life changing ways committing to this program has helped me break the habits and limiting beliefs that have been keeping me from connecting to my highest self. Happy Habits is truly a remarkable journey of self-discovery that is 100% worth the investment.