The Peaceful Empowered Woman

Elevating High Achievers with Spirit & Balance

6-month transformational coaching program for ambitious women who want to get unstuck and feel better.

Did you know 90% of diseases are caused by stress?
You weren’t born to be in the struggle of survival mode. You have the power to create a life that is peaceful, fulfilling and FUN. Now is the time to release the heaviness, get unstuck and start thriving.

The Peaceful Empowered Woman was created for the ambitious, high achieving woman who’s ready to get off the hamster wheel and start enjoying life with greater flow and ease.

You KNOW there’s more to life than feeling stressed about work and worrying constantly. Deep down, you have a calling to grow, connect with your spiritual side, create a healthy relationship with your emotions and experience fulfillment and alignment.

This is your sign to start filling your own cup with unparalleled support, accountability and practical tools for feeling lighter and better.

Imagine the incredible transformation you could create in 6 months.

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Imagine a life where you wake up, excited about the day ahead.

Instead of rushing from one thing to the next, you feel connected to your purpose and are grateful for the moment in front of you.

You make time for yourself every day to ensure you have a positive outlook on life. There’s a sense of trust that everything is working out for your highest good. When you experience challenges, you know how to support yourself instead of bottling up your emotions or overreacting.

It’s possible to stop overthinking, worrying and feeling disconnected. Instead of obsessing about work non-stop, you create a healthy balance and boundaries so there’s quality time left for your loved ones.

In just 6 months, you’ll experience yourself in a whole new light. You’ll feel lighter, brighter, less anxious and more fulfilled than ever before.

This isn’t too good to be true, it’s the result of taking time for yourself, investing in your well-being and receiving the support and accountability you deserve.

I will guide you every step of the way in shifting your thoughts and releasing toxic habits that keep you stuck. I’ll show you how to cultivate a positive mindset and daily practice that supports a life of peace, fulfillment and ease.

Do You Feel Like?

  • You feel like you’re carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders because you’re constantly worrying about work and how you’re going to get it all done.
  • You are disconnected from a true sense of purpose and fulfillment. You’re just going through the motions. Even though you’re successful, it doesn’t feel like enough.
  • You can’t be present with yourself or others. You’re always overthinking the next thing on your checklist and it puts you in an anxious cycle.
  • You know you need to create more quality time and space for yourself, but you can’t seem to stick to a new habit for more than a week. You’re too busy giving to others.
  • You’ve tried therapy, meditation apps and medication but nothing is making you feel better.
  • You have so many pent up emotions but you’re afraid of feeling your feelings. It’s easier to have the occasional outburst but it’s hurting the people you love.
  • You turn to wine or weed gummies to relax but they only leave you feeling more depleted, anxious and guilty. You know there’s a better way to cope with all the pressure.
  • You are hungry to grow, expand your awareness, feel grounded and connect with your true self but you’re not sure where to start.
greta meditation guided
Greta Ertl, Spiritual Mentor in Minneapolis, Minnesota - sits comfortably in a chair
I’m Greta and I recognize where you are. For years, I operated in fight or flight mode, obsessing about work and never feeling truly happy. To shut off my overactive brain, I used drugs and alcohol to relax. On the outside, my life looked great. But inside, I was exhausted, disconnected and stuck.

When I couldn’t take it anymore, I sought out every healing modality I could get my hands on. From therapy to Transcendental Meditation, medication and recovery programs, nothing worked for me.

Through divine grace, I rediscovered kundalini yoga and everything got better from there. This system, along with human design, EFT tapping, journaling, mindset shifts and coaching allowed me to find true fulfillment, alignment, peace and emotional resilience. My health, finances, career and relationships got infinitely better thanks to these practices.

Because I experienced such a profound transformation, I’ve made it my life’s work to guide women just like you in taking their power back, getting unstuck and feeling better.

As your coach, I will be your best cheerleader, support system, accountability partner and confidant as I share the exact perspectives, tools and methods that allowed me to finally break free from feeling stuck and lost.

If you’re ready to start showing up for yourself, I’m here to guide you every step of the way. Together, I’ll support you in creating a fulfilling and aligned life.


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"Just sitting over here crying writing this testimonial, lol! I don't even know where to begin! Greta has literally helped me change my life! I did her 1-on-1 mentorship program and learned so much about myself throughout the process..."

I had done a tiny bit of kundalini before working with Greta but nothing consistent and nothing ever felt like it was doing anything. The very first kundalini practice she gave me is a meditation I still do daily. She knew exactly which practices fit what I was working towards. One of my main goals was to feel my emotions. I would push them down and ignore them as much as possible until I broke. Little did I know, days after starting kundalini I would experience so many emotions: sadness, joy, gratitude, pain, anxiety, relief, relaxation, and so many more. It was a roller coaster of emotions at the beginning but Greta guided me through them and provided practices to support me throughout the journey. Another one of my main goals was to improve my anxiety. I will never forget the first day during the mentorship that I woke up without anxiety. I was so confused! My mind was racing wondering why I wasn’t feeling anxiety and waiting for it to hit. I have dealt with anxiety since I was a teenager and to be 30 years old and finally wake up without anxiety?! Literally the best feeling EVER! Greta provided me with so many practices to help with anxiety, addictive thought patterns, stress, releasing karmas, sleep, grounding, clearing blocks, building confidence, and embracing my mind, body, and spirit. I have continued practicing kundalini for 200 days because of the work I did with Greta and I have barely scratched the surface. I cannot wait to continue to grow using the practices she taught me. I can’t even put into words how grateful I am!

"Committing to working with Greta truly was a magical life changing experience. When I started the program I was dealing with an immeasurable amount of grief after losing my mom that was overtaking my life..."

Greta helped me recognize and work through my grief by intuitively teaching me skills and meditations that she specifically thought would help me based on what my goals and intentions were. I was able to develop a spiritual practice that I do daily. This practice resonates with my soul and has expanded my awareness while strengthening my aura.

In the past three months I have learned so many amazing kundalini meditations, chants, postures, movements, and insightful perspectives of the way I perceive my life and my own reality. Greta became my mentor and guide while sharing her kundalini teachings and practices.

Not only did she open my mind and heart to the beautiful kundalini, she also taught me about emotional freedom tapping and human design. I have completely fallen in love with these tools, practices, and new found knowledge and will continue to expand on them for the rest of my life. The shift that I gained by completing the program has attracted new clients into my business, given me a more abundant and positive mindset, and has helped me look at my problems with a more open hearted, compassionate, and lighter lens.

After going through traumatic experiences and loss, Greta has taught me how to honor those experiences and my grief. It has given me a sense of trust in knowing that I have all the tools and power within myself to survive them. Throughout these three months I have felt myself step back into my own power and awaken to my own unique gifts. I have learned to trust my own intuition, and how to practice the tools I have built within my highest self that are guiding to achieve my soul’s purpose. Most importantly, I have learned and developed a spiritual practice that has given me the space to explore my truest self and makes me feel confident in the path that I am on.

I don’t have enough words to describe the sense of gratitude that I have for meeting and working with someone like Greta, and for being able to experience her beautiful, intuitive, and powerful energy field as she guided me through this program. I have learned to look at my life through an experimental lens and was blessed to have witnessed within myself the life changing ways committing to this program has helped me break the habits and limiting beliefs that have been keeping me from connecting to my highest self. Working with Greta is truly a remarkable journey of self-discovery that is 100% worth the investment.

"Within weeks of working with Greta I was able to stop vaping and change my relationship with substances in a way I didn’t think was possible..."

She helped me approach these things differently than I had in the past allowing me to unlock insights to make real change. I’ve also started a meditation practice and have been able to look within myself and grow my spiritual side using the tools provided in our work together. Working with Greta has changed my life for the better. She has wisdom beyond her years and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve themselves!

"Greta is more than just my spiritual coach; she's a guiding light in my life. When I first started working with her, I was wracked with negativity, fear, and self-doubt..."

But Greta — with her kindness, compassion, patience, and ability to find the silver lining in any situation — is helping me CHANGE THE WAY I THINK, which in turn is helping me become happier, more positive, and more confident.

I am eternally grateful for Greta’s presence in my life (I refer to her as one of my “healing angels”), and I wholeheartedly recommend her to ANYONE in search of spiritual guidance, inner peace, self-love, joy… all that is good! I love you, Greta!
-Ali J.

"Taking the call to work with Greta has been one of the top decisions I’ve made so far in this lifetime..."
Through working with Greta – with her kindness, compassion, empathy, lived experience, and calm nature – I have awaken parts of myself to live more authentically.

Greta inspires you to take your self back; your innate power, grace, and uniqueness. She is continually discovering new techniques and wisdom to test on herself to then share with her clients – one of the most important factors in choosing a coach. A coach that is willing to keep learning and growing along side of you.

If you are looking for a coach that is grounded, evolving, and spiritually based, Greta is for you.  Take the step now to work with Greta – you will be grateful you did.
-Kimberly V.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is this program? Do you have payment plans?
The program pricing and payment plans will be discussed during the free consultation call. This gives me an opportunity to assess where you’re at and offer the service that makes the most sense for you.
Will this program require a lot of extra time?
I know you’re a busy woman and this program is designed for you. It requires you to show up to our bi-weekly calls for 1 hour on Zoom. You’ll be assigned meditations and other homework that is completely customized to what you have time for in your schedule. I make it as easy as possible for you to be consistent with
How long will it take for me to see results?
You will get instant results during our calls and meditations because you’ll be shifting your perspective and habits. When you think and behave differently in a way that supports your growth and happiness, you can’t help but feel better.
How do I know if I am spiritual enough for this program?
You are a spiritual being having a human experience. If you don’t feel spiritual enough, it’s because you’ve forgotten your true nature. If you landed on my page and resonate with my energy, it’s because you’re in tune with your spiritual self. You’re in exactly the right place.