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Shift your mindset, release harmful habits & create a consistent self-care routine that gives you peace and purpose.

You’re juggling a lot of responsibilities at once. Rushing through life feels exhausting and unfulfilling. You know you need to slow down and make time for consistent self-care. It’s time to release old habits that keep you stuck and create space for a spiritual practice that gives you peace, purpose and happiness. Through kundalini yoga, human design and mindset coaching, I’ll guide you in living a life of true alignment and destiny.

Hi. I’m Greta

My mission is all about raising the consciousness of the planet. I believe that begins with individuals choosing to work on their own spiritual evolution. It wasn’t until I found the teachings I now share that I felt true purpose and peace.

Because kundalini yoga and human design have helped me tremendously, I know it’s my destiny to share them with as many people as possible. If you are burnt out, stuck, and numb like I once was, I know my work can serve you. It doesn’t have to stay like this. There is a better way and it begins with a daily spiritual practice.

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